We would like to inform you that we will be closing Stacey Acres Pet Dog Bording as of January 1st 2021.

Pricing & Info about the Stacey Acres Pet Dog Boarding Kennel

Our Location & Facilities

Stacey Acres is located 10 minutes east of Bonnyville and 25 minutes west of Cold Lake, Alberta.

We are situated on 60 acres of farmland, and we have 20 4’ x 6’ private indoor kennels. Each kennel has its own private 20 ft. outdoor concrete run. The kennel has under-slab heating as well as overhead heaters to keep the animals toasty warm during the winter months. We have 6 large exercise yards that the dogs can run around and play in.

A Stress-Free Kennel for Dogs

Our kennel facility is specifically designed to reduce the stress of the animals staying here, therefore reducing the stress of the owner—if your dog doesn’t worry, you don’t have to worry!

Many dogs become frightened when left alone in a strange environment with strange people, but we make the transition and stay as easy as possible. Each indoor and outdoor kennel is separated by privacy panels to help your dog relax. Each of the outdoor kennels is also 20 ft. long, giving your dog or dogs the adequate exercise they need during their stay. We also offer additional exercise options that can help your dog stay fit and give you extra peace of mind.

Exercise Options

Playtime sessions: Each session may last ½ hour or more depending on kennel capacity and weather. Your pet will be able to romp and play in 1 of our 6 outdoor playpens.

What to Bring for Your Dog’s Kennel Stay

You must bring up-to-date proof of vaccination from your vet. We will also accept up-to-date titers with a vet’s note stating that your dog’s immunity is at an acceptable level.

Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations should be done 10 days prior to kenneling. Please be aware that the Bordetella vaccine has been show to help reduce the severity and duration of Bordetella, but it may not prevent your dog from getting Bordetella. Stacey Acres shall not be held responsible for any animals that contract Bordetella.

Customers must bring their dog’s food. This helps to reduce stomach upset. Please put dry food in a double plastic bag or airtight container with your last name, the dog’s name and feeding instructions on it. For large dogs or extended stays, place food in a large plastic storage bin.

Stacey Acres now provides bedding for its customers. Large stuffed dog beds will no longer be accepted as they cannot be properly laundered. If you must bring bedding, please bring old blankets or quilts.

You are welcome to bring toys to help pass the time.

You are also welcome to bring your dog’s treats. Please be advised that smoked bones will not be accepted.

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee the return or condition of anything you leave with us. We try our best to return everything but occasionally items do get lost or destroyed.

Stacey Acres Pet Dog Boarding

Kennel Pricing

  • 1 dog in one kennel: $17.00/day
  • 2 dogs in one kennel: $27.00/day
  • 3 dogs in one kennel (small dogs only): $32.00/day
  • Play session: $3.00 per dog, per day

To book a stay for your dog, simply call us!

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